Last Saturday (8th of June) Companions and Community staff from Emmaus South Wales headed to the capital to watch Welsh comedian Rhod Gilbert to bond as a Community. After a six-year break from stand up Rhod Gilbert bared all in his new tour, The book of John. During the hilarious show Rhod shares his lows over the past few years including loss, Alzheimer’s, infertility and having a mini stroke. Some of these events led him to meet a man named John, hence the title of the show.

The event was chosen by Companions and was made possible thanks to supporters’ donations to the Companions Leisure Fund. Seven Companions went to watch the show and there was laughs all round. It was definitely an evening enjoyed by all!

Companions enjoying the show

Two Companions at the Rhod Gilbert Show

Deputy Community Manager, Lacey Locket said "It's always great to get the Community together for leisure activities as not only does it help to boost morale within the team, but also rewards our Companions for the hard work and commitment they show everyday in support of Emmaus. It was also great to see Rhod supporting other charities that do great work in the locality and across the UK." 

Some of the proceeds from the the Rhod Gilbert tour is going to support two well known charities, the Stroke association and the Alzheimers Society, a subject also close to the heart of the Emmaus South Wales Community.

Companions are looking forward to the next Community event, going to a local Chinese Restaurant for an all you can eat buffet. These events outside of the Community are vital for boosting morale and encouraging positive communication between Companions.

If you would like to donate to the Companion Leisure Fund to enable Companions to enjoy some down time outside of the Community and to bond as a group click here