Are you?

Currently seeking employment but in need of experience?

If so, we can support you.

Volunteer with us for a period of time to suit your needs within our shops and you will gain:

  • Valuable retail experience
  • Develop customer service skills
  • Develop team work skills
  • Learn how to use an EPOS system (if appropriate)
  • Develop problem solving skills
  • Be able to prove to employers you are able to be punctual and reliable
  • Receive suitable training
  • Be able to add your time with us to your CV

Take a look at our roles today or get in touch for more information. [email protected]

An employee of a training agency looking for suitable placements?

If so, we provide professional support to all of our volunteers, and you can be confident knowing your clients will receive an excellent experience while with us, providing them with a varied retail experience to set them on their way to finding suitable employment.

Get in touch with Nigel Oanea-Cram, [email protected], 07590 406108 to discuss how we can work together.