It's all about reusing...

The Emmaus South Wales social enterprise relies on your donations of furniture, electricals, clothing and Bric-a-Brac to sell in our shops, so we can support individuals facing homelessness. We collect, sell and donate thousands of items every year. When you donate your unwanted items to Emmaus South Wales not only does it mean someone else can make use of the items, it also helps the environment!

In the last quarter (Jan 19 - March 19) we sold 41.5 tonnes of your secondhand donated items throughout our shops! That's equivalent to the weight of 20 cars!

We sold 41 tonnes of secondhand donated items during the first quarter of 2019

In 2017/18 we sold a total of 209 tonnes worth of your secondhand donated items. That's equivalent to the mass of approximately 30 elephants! WOW!

209 tonnes equivalent to 30 elephants

By donating your quality unwanted items to Emmaus rather than taking them to landfill, this results in usable items of furniture, clothing and Bric-a-Brac being utilised in other peoples homes. Not only that, but you are also reducing the amount of items going to landfill which helps the environment. By buying secondhand items, this eliminates the CO2 emissions that would have been produced making a new item. 

The CO2 saving by donating 6 items to charity rather than taking them to landfill

Do you have items you no longer need? Donate them to Emmaus South Wales and help the environment whilst supporting our cause💚