I’ve been a volunteer for Emmaus South Wales for about six years now. I started off volunteering in the Nolton street shop that we used to have in Bridgend, as I can’t work. I wanted to volunteer for Emmaus South Wales as I love what the charity does and wanted to support the charity in some way. I’ve worked in four of the Emmaus charity shops during my time, carrying out different tasks such as sorting donations and serving customers on the till.

I have learning difficulties and Autism which is the reason I can’t work; it’s hard for me to progress. Sometimes I forget things and struggle to find the right words to answer questions. I wanted to share my story as I want people to understand more about special needs. I also want tell other people who have learning difficulties and Autism not to be scared.

 I’m currently volunteering in the Cowbridge shop and I’ve been there for just over three years now. I really love working in the Cowbridge shop, it makes me so happy. I served a member of Steps, he was really nice and it made my day! I’ve learnt how to do lots of things during the past three years. I can use the till, sort the CD’s, DVD’s and books and also help with pricing items. I also keep an eye out for anything to do with railways when I’m in the shop as train watching is my hobby.

My favourite thing about volunteering for Emmaus is getting to know the customers and supporting new volunteers; making them feel at home. Volunteering for Emmaus has made my confidence and communication skills grow a lot. I also think my volunteering has helped the charity a lot too. The Cowbridge shop is doing very well and I've even made a door wedge for the shop’s front door, which I’m very proud of. Our customers are always saying nice things about me. Jeane, one of the Shop Manager’s in Cowbridge said I am amazing and can pretty much do anything now. This makes me very pleased of my progress.

I really enjoy working In the Cowbridge Emmaus shop and that’s what I plan to continue to do, into the future.

Bobby visits Nant Lais 

Volunteer visits Emmaus Community Nant Lais

Bobby loves to come and visit our Community home Nant Lais to catch up with Companions and Community staff over a cuppa! Bobby first visited Nant Lais in April last year, and after volunteering for Emmaus South Wales for over six years, it was great for Bobby to see how his hard work and dedication volunteering in our shops helps to provide a home for our Companions. 

Bobby had a tour of the Community and was surprised at how nice it was! After looking around Nant Lais, Bobby had lunch and a cup of tea with some of our Companions, who were on their day off. 

It's safe to say Bobby enjoyed his visit to Nant Lais!

Volunteer visiting Nant Lais

Bobby visits Nant Lais

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