Make a disadvantaged family's house, a home, by donating to our solidarity fund.

When you think about what makes your house a home, I imagine you think of the pictures on the wall, scented candles, fluffy throws and those other cosy touches that you enjoy every evening.

What about a bed, or a sofa? Does that make a home? The families we support through our solidarity fund are in a position where they can't afford basic furniture for them or their children. They want to feel comfortable in their house, but instead are left feeling helpless and guilty for not being able to afford suitable furniture.

The more donations we receive to our solidarity fund the more families we can help to create homes.

Donate £5 to Solidarity Fund

£5 allows us to donate a bedside cabinet to a family

Donate £10 to Solidarity Fund

£10 covers our costs to deliver furniture to a specific household

Donate £50 to Solidarity Fund

£50 will ensure a child has a bed and mattress to sleep on

Donate £90 to Solidarity Fund

£90 ensures the parent(s) have a bed and mattress to sleep on