Emmaus South Wales volunteer Angel

I’ve been a volunteer for Emmaus South Wales since June this year. I had six weeks off from college for the summer break and I wanted to do something to keep me out of trouble. That’s when I found the Emmaus South Wales shop in Neath. I started off volunteering three days a week in the Neath shop to help out. But now I’m back in college for my second year studying Sports Coaching, I can only volunteer on a Saturday.

When I’m in the shop, I do anything the Shop Manager asks me to do, including sorting the stock and displaying and pricing items. I’ve learnt lots of things whilst volunteering for Emmaus, including what items we can and can’t sell. I provide an extra pair of hands and get stuff done! 

I’ve been in the care system since I was five, and I’ve been in my current care placement for five years. Sometimes it gets a bit hard, but volunteering in the shop and being able to talk to different people has really helped me. Now I’m seventeen, I’ve been lucky enough to be offered a flat in the Roots Foundation’s new centre which was recently built by DIY SOS for Children in Need 2017. The Roots Foundation offers support for young people like me and helps with the transition period to fully independent living. I’m meant to be moving in sometime in January next year. I’m looking forward to having my own independence but having the support there if I need it. I hope this, alongside my studies will help me to achieve my dream of becoming a secondary school P.E teacher.

I want to continue volunteering for Emmaus South Wales and helping in the shop on my days off. I’m looking forward to being able to serve customers on the till when I’m 18, in the summer.

 I also ran the Cardiff Half Marathon on October the 1st as one of Alfie’s Army. I completed it in 3 hours and 38 minutes.

 Angel a volunteer with Gareth Thomas