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Emmaus South Wales is a homeless charity with a difference. We give people in need a bed and a reason to get out of it: Emmaus helps individuals build new lives.

At Emmaus Communities, formerly homeless men and women live and work together in a supportive environment. Everyone in an Emmaus Community has a role to fill and contributes to the well-being of the Community.

Emmaus South Wales Community Nant Lais        

Nant Lais, our Community home

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Emmaus South Wales established the first and only Welsh Emmaus Community, in the Bridgend area. Nant Lais, our Community home, opened in January 2016 after the building was extensively refurbished to provide excellent en-suite accommodation for the Companions. The renovation of the facility cost approx. £1.35m. This was mainly funded by grants from Welsh Government, BIG Lottery, the Henry Smith Foundation and other donors. Interestingly, Emmaus supporters from across the UK have contributed over £125K towards this £1.35m.

Emmaus South Wales Community Building Nant Lais                           

Nant Lais during renovations

 The Emmaus story is really the story of its Companions. The reasons for their homelessness vary; relationship breakdown, substance abuse, poverty, but all companions share a desire and drive to get a fresh start. At Emmaus, as they learn new skills, discover hidden talents and develop friendships, they gain a sense of self-worth and independence. Companions often credit Emmaus as a turning-point in their lives, the point when they shifted from despair to hope.


Companions can stay in the Community for as long as they need to. There is no pressure for them to move on until they feel ready. During their time at Emmaus they get the support they need, as well as the increased self-esteem that is gained from working together in the Community and supporting themselves and others. Any Companion can live in the Community, provided they agree to willing to work in the social enterprise, abide by Community rules and sign off all state benefits except housing benefit, which is paid into the charity.

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The Community is supported by seven shops in the South Wales area that are staffed by a full-time management team, volunteers and placements. These shops provide Companions with meaningful work opportunities. Companions can also collect donated furniture on the vans or clean, cook or garden at the Community. Find out our shop locations here!

Emmaus South Wales Superstore Bridgend

 The largest of our seven shops, the Superstore on Tremains Road, Bridgend

As well as the work we are doing to support our Community, we have already saved tonnes of items from going to landfill by enabling people to buy donated goods at a reasonable cost. We also donate furniture and other items to local disadvantaged people who may have faced homelessness. We call this solidarity. 

 Emmaus South Wales is part of an international movement that was established by Abbé Pierre, a Catholic priest who opened the first Community in Paris in 1949. The Emmaus movement in the UK celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2016. The UK movement continues to grow, with 29 Communities presently supporting over 750 formerly homeless individuals.

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