Emmaus South Wales have recently upgraded their van fleet with the addition of a new Luton Van for the social enterprise. The new van is a replacement for an older van, meaning Emmaus South Wales now have two new, reliable vans to collect donations and deliver customers purchases. 

The new van also adorns new signage that was designed and produced by a local design, print and display company, KK Solutions. KK Solutions said "We are proud to support Emmaus and the work they do to end homelessness in South Wales. Emmaus contacted KK Solutions to provide graphics for a replacement van, the graphics were created by the in house team and completed over two days".

Emmaus South Wales new van

Nigel Oaena-Cram, Business Manager for Emmaus South Wales said "We have recently upgraded our van fleet to ensure we continue to provide a reliable service to our customers and supporters when collecting donations and delivering purchases. The new signage on the side of the van displays four local businesses that we regularly work with and support what we do as a charity."  

The newest van graphics display four businesses Emmaus South Wales regularly works with; Sabre ICT, JLE Building, Fire Safety Direct and Gone for Good. 

Back of new van - Emmaus South Wales

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