The gardens in our Community home, Nant Lais have recently received a makeover by one of our Companions, thanks to funding from the Emmaus UK Companion Training Fund. Ian, one of our Companions has a real love for gardening and wildlife and wanted to give the garden in the Community a little makeover. In the summer months, Ian contributes to Emmaus by maintaining the grounds in the Community by mowing and strimming the grass, weeding and growing flowers and vegetables.

Flower pot in Nant Lais

Companion Ian tending the veg patch

Ian couldn't wait to get some new features in the garden. Companion Ian said "I like to be outdoors. Gardening is something I love doing. I like wildlife, so with the money from the Companion Training Fund I decided to get gardening items so I could plant seasonal flowers and bird boxes and feeders too. There's actually birds already nesting in one of the boxes!" 

Bird boxes in Nant Lais

Bird box and feeder on a tree in Nant Lais

Bird feederSquirrel in the garden in Nant Lais

The squirrels also seem to enjoy the bird feeders...

Companion Ian has also been growing fruit and vegetables over the past few months and all his hard work and dedication has began to bear its fruits... quite literally! Ian planted strawberry plants, raspberry canes, blackcurrant plants, mangetout and potatoes and the heatwave has done them wonders.


Raspberry plant bearing fruitsMangetout in the vegetable beds

Raspberries and mangetout plants coming along well...

Companion Ian in the garden in the Community

The Companion Training Fund is a vital part of Emmaus' work, as it allows Companions to be able to take hold of their own aspirations and gain new skills or work towards employment. If you would like to support the Emmaus South Wales Companion Training Fund, click here