It was chocolate cake all round for Companions and staff at Emmaus South Wales on Monday, to celebrate Nant Lais being officially open for two years. (Although they did get a bit camera shy, hence there being no picture evidence)

Nant Lais was opened two years ago, by the First Minister for Wales Carwyn Jones, after extensive refurbishment was carried out on the former Valleys to Coast property. Since its opening, Nant Lais has become a home for many individuals, who may have been facing homeless and had nowhere else to turn. The Community not only provides excellent accommodation and facilities, but also the support Companions need to get their lives back on track.  

Carwyn Jones and John Noble at Nant Lais opening

First Minister Carwyn Jones and John Noble the current Deputy Chair of Emmaus South Wales opening Nant Lais 

Throughout the two years, the Community has faced some hurdles, but has also developed in many ways. The Community is almost at its capacity, with 19 formerly homeless or disadvantaged individuals currently calling it home. A number of our Companions have completed training courses, college courses and other qualifications in order to achieve their goals and aspirations. In November last year, one of our Companions paraded in the Bridgend Remembrance Parade laying a wreath on behalf of the veterans unit. A great achievement!

So, what's next for Nant Lais? Community Manager, Audrey Barnett said "Having a full Community is one of the priorities. However, ensuring the Community is a stable and safe environment is paramount. Therefore, we are continuing to carry out comprehensive housing risk assessments for all applicants; taking into consideration Companions currently living in the Community. The suitability of the Community is also discussed with applicants, to ensure Nant Lais meets the individuals needs and expectations."

The Community home has really come a long way and it's easy to forget where we started off. Emmaus South Wales would like to thank all of our customers, supporters and organisations who we work with for their continued support. We couldn't help formerly homeless and disadvantaged individuals without you!

To see Nant Lais during renovations over two years ago and what it looks like now, scroll down...

            Nant Lais before renovation had started         Emmaus South Wales Community Nant Lais

            Outside Nant Lais during renovations         Walk way to Nant Lais in January 18

            Community kitchen during renovation         Kitchen at Nant Lais

             A bedroom during renovations         A bedroom after renovation