A number of Emmaus South Wales shops have decorated their shop windows ahead of this weekends Pride Cymru 🏳️‍🌈 celebrations. 

Pride Cymru’s Big Weekend is Wales’s biggest celebration of equality and diversity. Over 3 days, Pride Cymru hosts over 50,000 people in the Welsh capital to raise awareness of equality and diversity and supporting the LGBT+ community.

At Emmaus South Wales' core values and principles are:

- To value and respect every person opposing injustice

- That we are all equal but different as unique individuals

- We believe that every person in the world is important and has value

Therefore Emmaus South Wales proudly supports Pride Cymru and the LGBT+ community. 

An Emmaus South Wales Companion said "Emmaus is a community for everyone and welcomes diversity and equality, so it's great that we're supporting Pride Cymru which is a celebration of both of those things."

The Emmaus Cowbridge shop stood out on the high-street with it's colourful PRIDE display...

The Cowbridge Pride Cymru window display 2019

Pride has arrived in Cowbridge

Close up of PRIDE signage in Cowbridge Emmaus shop

If you would like to know more information about the Pride Cyrmu celebrations taking place over the August Bank Holiday weekend click here . We hope everyone has a brilliant weekend.