The Emmaus South Wales Community were lucky enough to receive Aldi Bridgend’s’ surplus food, when the store closed for the Christmas period.

Aldi Stores Ltd announced its appeal on social media in early December, stating that their stores would be donating surplus food to local charities and organisations once they closed on Christmas Eve. The growing supermarket chain wanted to ensure that less fortunate individuals could make use of the produce to reduce food waste.   

Aldi Aldi Stores Ltd social media post offering surplus food

 A number of Companions and staff saw the appeal and were keen to be involved. Emmaus South Wales put their application forward for the Community home, Nant Lais to receive any surplus food to feed the 20 Companions living in the Community over Christmas. Companions also wished to re-donate some of the food to other local homeless organisations, if the charity was selected.

It was essential that the chosen charity or organisation could collect the surplus stock from store, have sufficient storage facilities for the food items and have knowledge of how to store food safely. Luckily, Emmaus South Wales ticked all of those requirements with our Community home having its own van, brilliant food storage facilities and all Companions being trained in Food Hygiene.

Emmaus South Wales were chosen and paired with the nearest Aldi store to the Community home, Bridgend. Companions Andy and Marc went to collect the surplus food when the store had closed on Christmas Eve and even had a helping hand from Marc’s daughter! There was plenty of food which included crates of fresh fruit, salad, vegetables, bread, cakes and even a big turkey!

Companion Marc sorting the donated foodCompanion Andy loading the food into the Community van

Companions Marc and Andy packing the surplus food ready for the Community

The Companions were so grateful and stunned by the generosity of Aldi for thinking about those in need this Christmas. Companion Marc was eager to get back to the Community home to make boxes of food to re-distribute to other local charities the Community supports through solidarity, including Brynmenyn family refuge.  

Some of the surplus food donated by Ali Bridgend

Just some of the food donated by Aldi in Bridgend

Emmaus South Wales would like to thank Aldi Stores Ltd for selecting us to receive the surplus food from Aldi Bridgend during its closure over Christmas. The food was so gratefully received and really made a difference to Companions living in our Community and people facing homelessness this Christmas. Also none of the food went to waste, so it was a win win all round!

Companion Andy collecting surplus food from Aldi Bridgend

Companion Andy stopping for a photo whilst packing the van full of the food donations