Companions invited French exchange students to the Community home this week, to thank them for volunteering in our shops during their three week stay in Bridgend. Three students from the exchange have been volunteering in three of our shops whilst visiting Bridgend and have been brilliant additions to our volunteering team. 

Queuing for dinner

French students queuing for the dinner

To thank them for their hard work and to wish them farewell, Companions decided to invite the French students for dinner in Nant Lais. Craig, one of our Companions spend all day in the kitchen making a lovely meal for everyone to enjoy together. Craig made his own version of Hunters Chicken with an added kick of fresh ginger and peppers, served with jacket potatoes, cheese, homemade coleslaw and baked beans. The meal went down a treat with the guests and Companions. 

Hunters chickenDinner for Companions and French students

Homemade hunters chicken and coleslaw made by Companion Craig

It was a lovely way for Companions to show our French visitors our Welsh Community and for them to thank them for volunteering with us during the past three weeks.

Everyone eating dinner in Nant Lais

Companions and the French exchange students eating dinner 

We hope our French exchange students enjoyed their visit to Bridgend and the time spend in Emmaus South Wales. We would also like to thank them for their hard work volunteering in our social enterprise. Au revoir!