A group of Emmaus South Wales Companions, supported by the Superstore Manager, Claire have taken it upon themselves to support those in greater need than themselves this Christmas. The Companions involved chose to support The Moldova Project this Christmas, and in particular the children supported by the charity. 

The Moldova project's mission is to help families living in extreme poverty in Moldova to find long-term solutions so that they can have happier, safer and more independent lives. The charity works with families on a one-to-one basis, keeping their needs, difficulties and hopes for the future at the centre of their work. Each of the 30 families they support are visited on a monthly basis and given the support and advice that they need to work towards self-sufficiency. The support they provide includes guidance and training on a range of issues, help in securing employment, medical aid, enabling children to go to school and fun experiences and opportunities. 

To learn more about the Moldova Project, visit their website.

Two Companions, Craig and Andy have previously been involved with the Moldova project whilst at Emmaus Lambeth and have been to Moldova to support the project. They saw first hand how important the project is to the local people and wanted Emmaus South Wales to be involved. 

Companions Andy and Craig loading the Community van with soft toys

Companions Andy and Craig loading the van ready for the trip to Emmaus Lambeth

At Emmaus South Wales, we are very lucky to have donations of children's toys to sell in our shops and support our Community home. However, soft toys without a CE label can't be sold in our shops due to EU laws. Companions decided to start collecting these soft toys to send to the children living in poverty in Moldova. This avoids the toys going into landfill and gives a child living in poverty a present this Christmas.

Companion Craig said "We collected over 20 bin bags full of soft toys to give to the Moldova project. Myself and a handful of Companions then drove to Emmaus Lambeth in the Community van and handed the soft toys over, ready for Emmaus Lambeth to send to the project."

Companions, alongside the Superstore Manager Claire have already started collecting more items for the Moldova project wishing to help those who need it most all year round. 

Emmaus South Wales would like to thank James Hayes, CEO of Emmaus Lambeth as well as Companions and staff from Emmaus Lambeth for their support on this project and hospitality whilst visiting the Community. Also a big thank you to Emma Watson, the Director of the Moldova Project for helping Companions to make this act of solidarity happen.