Supporting you in your Welsh Baccalaureate journey

Currently undertaking your Welsh Baccalaureate? Looking for a local charity to support as part of the Community or Global Citizenship aspect of the qualification?

Why us?

We are very keen for you to support us through your qualification.

  • You will learn a great deal about the issue of homelessness, how people are affected and the work we undertake in the South Wales area.
  • You will gain valuable skills from supporting us and have a human point of contact to communicate with.
  • You could have the opportunity to speak with our service users (Companions) and learn directly from them how we support each individual.

So, if you want a local charity who will listen to your needs, provide you with ideas and necessary information for you then get in touch.

Contact Nigel Oanea-Cram, Business Manager via email [email protected] or by phone 07590 406108.