Imagine living on the streets, lying on a piece of cardboard not knowing where you will stay from one night to the next. Imagine 'sofa surfing' having to rely on friends or acquaintances to have somewhere sheltered to sleep that night.

For our third blog for National bed month, we want to share the work of Emmaus South Wales and the important part a 'bed' plays in people’s lives. 

Unlike other homelessness charities, Emmaus South Wales provides so much more than a bed to formerly homeless individuals. Emmaus South Wales provides what Companions have described as...

"A bed and a reason to get up out of it".

The Emmaus model provides a place to stay within the charities Community home for as long as people need and valuable work experience within the charities social enterprise. 

When Companions join an Emmaus Community, they are grateful to have their own room with a bed, a duvet, a shower... All of the things we often take for granted. However, what they appreciate the most is the work opportunities they are given in the charities social enterprise. Allowing them to re-build their self-esteem, self-worth and sense of belonging back. 

Companion in the social enterprise

Read how having a bed and a reason to get up out of it has helped Companion Andy...

Emmaus South Wales is the first and only Emmaus Community in Wales, providing a home to for up to 24 people who have faced homelessness and social exclusion. The charity has six shops across South Wales providing the funds to support the Community home in Bridgend and also the meaningful work opportunities for Companions.

If you would like to support Emmaus South Wales to provide a bed and a purpose to formerly homeless individuals, donate here