Kris's Summer Chicken Pie

Summer Chicken Pie Recipe

Here is Companion Kris's Summer Chicken Pie recipe. Although we think of winter when we hear 'pies' this one is packed with colourful vegetables to give it that summer vibe. Serve with boiled new or jersey royal potatoes and seasonal veg. You will definitely get your 5-a-day from this delicious meal!

Recipe makes - 5 portions

Preparation time - 20 minutes 

Total cooking time - 50-55  minutes


  • 1kg of Chicken thighs
  • 2-3 Large Carrots 
  • 2 Courgette
  • 1 Red Onion
  • 1 White Onion
  • 2 Peppers (One red and one yellow)
  • 2 Leeks
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic
  • 200g of Soft cheese (plain or with garlic and herbs)
  • 300ml of Milk
  • 500ml of Boiling water
  • 2 Stock cubes (One veg and one chicken)
  • 1 Teaspoon of Dried Thyme
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 1/2 - 1 Tablespoon of Chicken Gravy Granules 
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil 

Step 1 - Prepare the vegetables

Firstly, prepare the fresh vegetables ready for cooking. Slice the courgette into rounds around 1cm thick and then cut into chunky quarters and set aside. Then peel the carrots and slice them into rounds around 1cm thick and place in the pan with the courgette. 

Next take the peppers and slice in half-length ways and remove the stalk and any white inside the pepper, along with any seeds. Slice into strips and then dice into pieces to your liking. Then get the leeks and peel off the outside layer, then wash under the tap. Often leeks have sand and other dirt on them, so it's best to give them a little swill before cutting. Cut off the root (white end) and slice into chunky rounds. These will break up when cooking and add loads of flavour. 

Then take the onions and remove both ends, skin and one layer of onion. Then cut the onion in half, then into slices keeping hold of the onion whilst you slice it. Then slice in the opposite direction to make diced pieces.

After that, take the cloves of garlic and chop them roughly or grate the cloves into a paste if you prefer, then set aside in the pan with the other ingredients. 

Cut all of the veg and add to a large pan

Step 2 - Prepare the meat 

Kris has opted to use the meat from the chicken thighs as it is cheaper than using chicken breasts or fillets of chicken breast and has more flavour due to the fat on the meat. Using a sharp knife simply cut the chicken meat from the bone and set aside in a pan. Kris wanted to keep the pieces of chicken chunky, but you can cut the pieces smaller if you wish.

Chicken meat off the thigh bone

Step 3 - Start cooking

Place the pan with the chicken in on the hob on a medium heat adding some olive oil. Cook for around 10 minutes, stirring regularly to ensure the chicken doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan and to ensure an even colouring. 

Brown off the chicken thighs

Step 4 - Fry off the vegetables

At the same time as the chicken is colouring, place the pan of vegetables on the hob on a medium heat adding some olive oil to the pan. Fry the veg off in the pan for around 10 minutes, stirring to regularly to ensure all the veg cooks evenly. Once the veg has coloured and softened slightly add the boiling water, stock cubes and herb seasoning along with some cracked black pepper. 

Turn the heat up so the contents are simmering and slowly simmer for a further 10 minutes for the stock to reduce and intensify in flavour. 

Add the stock to the vegetables

Step 5 - Add the chicken to the vegetables

Now it's time to add the chicken to the pan with the vegetables and stock in. Add the chicken and any juices to the pan and stir to coat the chicken. Then add the milk to the pan and continue to cook on a medium heat. Cook for a further 5 minutes. 

Add the chicken to the mixture of veg

Step 6 - Add the cream cheese

To get that extra creamy depth of flavour add in the cream cheese of your choice. We used plain cream cheese as ' what we had as part of our Fareshare delivery, however the garlic and herb cream cheese would work well here. Stir in the cream cheese until it has melted into the sauce. This should increase the thickness of the sauce slightly and make it creamy and rich, yet not heavy. Cook for another 5 minutes and then taste the sauce to see if it needs anymore seasoning. We added some more dried thyme and pepper at this point. 

Add the milk to the veg and chicken

Chicken pie filling ready to be made into a pie

Step 7 - Assemble the pie

Now the sauce is thicker and creamy, place it into an oven proof tin or dish ensuring that there is a gap left at the top of the dish as seen in the image below. Make a shortcrust pastry or simply buy ready rolled pastry and roll out on top of the chicken pie filling. 

Stab the pastry with a fork a few times then use an egg wash or milk wash and brush over the top of the pastry to get a golden shiny finish. 

Chicken pie filling in a oven proof tin

Shortcrust pastry added onto the pie filling

Step 8 - Place the pie in the oven 

Place the pie in a pre-heated oven at 180°c and cook for 15-20 minutes or until the pie filling is piping hot throughout and the pastry crispy and golden in colour, like the image below. Don't worry if the sauce from the pie spills over the pastry, it will still taste delicious!

Pie ready to be served

Step 9 - Serve

Now all that's left to do is serve. We have kept is simple and served the pie with buttery herby potatoes, green peas and a creamy chicken gravy. Tuck in and enjoy!

Serve with boiled new potatoes and peas

Thank you for using this recipe made by Kris one of our Companions, we hope you enjoy trying this delicious dish! Send us a picture of your Summer Chicken Pie and we'll feature it on our Social Media! 

We will be posting a new recipe that has been created by an Emmaus South Wales Companion every month. We want to share and celebrate our Companion's skills and help you make delicious meals. Keep an eye out on our social media for the next recipe.

* Images taken for this recipe were taken whilst cooking the dish for 18+ Companions. Images do not represent quantities that should be expected when cooking this recipe.