Are you still looking for those perfect Christmas gifts for your family, friends and loved ones?

Look no further, Emmaus South Wales have created this 'Emmaus Christmas gift guide' with 8 gifts and present ideas, giving you some inspiration this year.

 🎁 Emmaus Christmas gift guide 🎁

1. Handcrafted Wooden Christmas Figure

These beautiful wooden Christmas figures have been handcrafted from recycled wood by young people supported by Clarewood Foyer in Neath (A Pobl Group project). Each one is completely unique and you can even have them made with a personalised tag! At just £10 they make perfect presents for parents, grandparents, friends, secret Santa's or even your friendly neighbour. 

These beautiful figures are available to buy by contacting Clarewood Foyer on 01639 633439.

      Handmade wooden snowman made by young people supported by the Clarewood Foyer Project       Handmade wooden reindeer made by young people supported by Clarewood Foyer project

2. Gift sets

Gift sets always go down well at Christmas. At Emmaus South Wales, we often have brilliant brand new gift sets for sale, for men and women and even children. These gift sets can start from as little as £3, a bargain at a fraction of the price compared with buying from a high street retailer!

Gift sets available at Emmaus South Wales shops     Hello Kitty gift set for Children at Emmaus


3. Christmas jumper 

Novelty Christmas jumpers have grown in popularity over the past few years, especially with the annual 'Christmas Jumper Day' being started six years ago by Save the Children. Everyone needs a Christmas jumper, so if you know anyone without one, this would make a great present. You could even have a competition with your friends and family for the best Christmas jumper! This year, Christmas Jumper Day is on Friday the 14th of December, so get involved and buy a Christmas jumper from your local Emmaus shop from as little as £2.95

Christmas jumper in Emmaus Maesteg      A selection of Christmas jumpers in Emmaus Maesteg 

4. Musical instrument 

Do you have a budding musician in the family? Buying an instrument in a charity shop is a far more cost effective way of trying out an instrument. We often have guitars, electric pianos, keyboards and organs in our shops starting from as little as £20. So why not treat your child or grandchild to a musical instrument for Christmas this year and maybe some ear plugs for yourself?

An electric guitar for sale in an Emmaus shop

5. Glassware

Everyone likes to get their best glasses and bowls out for those special occasions. So why not treat your mum, auntie or anyone who likes a bit of bling, to some beautiful cut crystal glassware. You can really see and feel the quality in cut crystal, which makes it such a good gift! You can find cut glass and crystal in Emmaus shops for very reasonable prices. Prices will depend on the type of item, however a serving bowl like in the picture on the right would cost around £10-15.

Fine cut glass glasses in Emmaus shop    Cut crystal serving bowl

6. Jewellery 

You can't go wrong with jewellery, as they say 'diamonds are a girl's best friend'. However, if you don't want to spend a fortune this Christmas you can still get some beautiful pieces of jewellery in your local Emmaus. Whether it's for your partner, mum, sister or daughter with sets like the one below, priced at around £5.95 you can't go wrong! 

Jewellery set in an Emmaus South Wales shop

7. Games table

Do you have to buy for a sports or games lover? Or maybe someone who's super competitive? A games table could make the perfect gift! Football and pool games tables are often for sale in our shops, with the price often depending on the size. However, one like the image below would usually cost around £50 - £60. A great present that all the family can get involved in!

Football games table at an Emmaus shop

8. Something unique

If you want to get someone something that is a little bit special this year, then we have some great gift ideas for you! Although you can find some brilliant items in our seven shops, we also have an eBay shop selling some extra special items! You will find a range of items on our eBay shop with everything from a Wii Fit Balance Board to a Radley handbag, to a rare Beanie Baby Bear and a vintage Commodore 64. If you're looking for something a bit special this Christmas make sure you check out the Emmaus South Wales eBay page 

Rare Commodore 64 for sale on Emmaus South Wales eBay shop  Rare praying Beanie Baby bear for sale on Emmaus South Wales eBay shop

Thank you for reading this months blog! We hope you have found some inspiration for this years Christmas presents. Don't forget secondhand doesn't mean second best, find your nearest Emmaus South Wales shop here