School is officially out for the summer, so you may be wondering what you can do to keep your children entertained for a whole 6 weeks! Swimming, play centres, trampolining and the cinema to name a few, can be very expensive ways to entertain your children for just a few hours.

Therefore, this blog shares 5 ways you can entertain your children at very little cost!

 1. Baking session

Children love to get their hands messy and get stuck in, that's why cooking and baking is a great hands-on way for children to discover new flavours and new foods. Did you also know that helping in the kitchen can boost your child’s maths, language skills and even their emotional development? It's a win win!

There are plenty of recipes online, or if you're in town doing some shopping, why not get your children to choose a recipe book from your local Emmaus South Wales shop. It's a very visual hands on way to choose a recipe and gets your children involved in the process from the very beginning. Don't forget, we have plenty of pots, pans and baking tins in our shops and they only cost around 50p! So why not bake something tasty with your children for an educational and inexpensive few hours.

 Brand new mixing bowls in one of our shops

2. Play Board games

There's nothing better than a few hours playing board games on a rainy day. Board games are a fun and more competitive way to keep your children entertained. However, did you know board games can develop your children's skills? Just by playing a simple board game such as snakes and ladders, your children can learn how to communicate effectively and foster the ability to focus for a lengthened period of time. As well as that, board games teach valuable social skills such as sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others. 

Although new board games can be expensive, you can find an array of brilliant board games and puzzles in your local Emmaus shop from as little as £2. 


 We sell board games in our shops for as little as £2

 3. Have a movie day

A trip to the cinema can be expensive, especially if you have more than one child to entertain; and getting past the sweets and popcorn without the kids noticing, that's a task in its self! So why not create a create a cinema in your own home and have a movie day. 

Children will sit in front of the TV for hours whether we like it or not. So turn your living room, play room, or children's bedroom into a cinema for the day and save yourself loads of money! Visit your nearest Emmaus South Wales shop and buy a handful of DVD's that the children will enjoy. There's always offers on our DVD's, so it won’t cost more than a few pounds! Then pop into your nearest supermarket and get some tasty treats for the children to enjoy. Chocolate, sweets and popcorn always go down well, but why not change it up and buy some pre-cut fruit for a hassle free healthy snack. It will save you a fortune compared to snacks in the cinema.

We have lots of DVDs in our shops

 4. Play outside

If the weathers nice, why not take advantage of it! It's really important for adults and children to get some fresh air for our health and well-being. So if it's not raining, why not let your children play out in the garden or take them to a local playing fields and let them run off some steam. 

Games and toys are a great way to keep children entertained for longer than 10 minutes, so why not visit your local Emmaus South Wales shop to see what they have. Footballs, rugby balls, tennis equipment, kites, bikes and scooters are often available in our shops at bargain prices. 


We sell a range of outdoor toys in our shops

 5. Craft session 

As mentioned above, children really love to get their hands messy and make things; although it can mean more cleaning up for you...

So why not have a craft session and make something for your children to be proud of. There is an array of items in our shops that would be perfect for a craft session. Why not buy an item of clothing from our shops and use fabric paints and glitters to make it unique? Or why not buy some wool from our shops from as little as 20p and make your own wool pom poms! 

Not only is this a great, inexpensive way to keep your children entertained for hours with endless possibilities; it is also great for their learning. Getting your children to be creative and imaginative can really benefit them in later life and aid them to be more resilient and resourceful. Being creative can also affect the physical, emotional and psychological brain developments. 

Get balls of wool in our shops


We hope our activity ideas help you have a fun and stress free summer holiday. To find your nearest Emmaus South Wales shop click here