So all of your hard work in school/college has paid off, you've got into university! You've sorted out your accommodation in uni halls or in a student flat and you can't wait to make new friends. But what essential items do you need to take with you to survive your first year living away from home?

We've got a former university student to make a list of 10 items that you need when living in student accommodation.

1. TV 

A definite must is a TV! Although you'll probably be spending a lot of time in lectures, societies and going out socialising there's nothing better than having a day in front of the TV on a day off! You'll only need a small TV which you can buy from an Emmaus shop for as little as £10. Don't forget, if you want to watch live TV you'll have to purchase a TV licence. 


2. DVD player

If you like your films and TV box sets then getting a DVD player is a must. It's a great way to have some down time or have a boxset binge on those classics. You can buy a DVD player for as little as £5 from your local Emmaus shop, they might even do you a deal if you buy your TV at the same time. DVD's are very reasonable in charity shops too, or you can rent DVD's for free in most uni libraries!

Don't forget, if you just want to watch DVD's on your TV then you don't have to have a TV licence which will save you money. 

Dvd player

3. Plates

This may be an obvious one, but I'm sure there's some people who have forgotten. You definitely need plates and bowls, a few of each! In an Emmaus charity shop, you'll be able to buy a plate for about 20p. A top tip would be to get plates with an unusual pattern on them, then yours won't get mixed up with your fellow flat mates!

Plates for university

4. Cutlery

Another obvious one, cutlery! Even if you don't like cooking you'll need something to eat your instant noodles with! Like the plates, make sure you get a few knives, forks and spoons and it's handy to have a cutlery holder too.


5. Toastie maker

The toastie is always on a student's menu, whether it be for lunch, dinner or a snack after a uni social night. It's a cheap meal and you can put almost anything into a toastie and it will be delicious. You can get a brand new toastie machine from most supermarkets, or keep your eyes peeled in your local Emmaus shop and save yourself some money. 


6. Pans

Whether you're a budding chef or you can just about boil an egg, it's a good idea to have a few pans. It's advisable to have maybe 3 saucepans of assorted sizes and a frying pan for when you need a fry up! You can pick up some great pots and pans in your nearest Emmaus shop for bargain prices. 

Pans for university

7. Laundry bin

Washing, what is that some of you may be thinking... But yes you will have to do your own laundry, unless you're lucky to be living close to home. Most uni halls have laundry rooms on campus where you use tokens to wash and dry your clothes. If you're living in a student house, you'll probably have a shared washing machine. Either way you will need a laundry bin or bag to carry your washing. You don't want to drop anything on the way! You can always pick these up in a local charity shop or from a supermarket. 

Washing up basket

8. Hangers

After you've made the effort to wash your clothes you might as well hang them up! Some uni halls come with a few hangers but it's not enough for all of your clothes. You can get hangers in bargain stores for a few pounds. But if you really want to tighten up the purse strings, you could ask your local shops if they have any spare hangers you could have or visit a charity shop to see if they have any. 

Hangers for your clothing

9. Desk Lamp

No, you're not meant to be finishing assignments off late at night, but sometimes it does happen! A small desk lamp can come in really handy and can be bought for just a few pounds in an Emmaus shop. 

Desk lamp

10. Note Pad

Last, but not least a note pad! You will definitely need a note pad and a few pens for your lectures. Although a lot of lecturers publish their lectures online, your own notes will really help you when it comes to assignments and exams. You can often pick up stationary in charity shops, or just pop into a bargain store or supermarket. 

Note pad

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. We hope you found it useful!