We believe our Companions can take hold of their own aspirations and sense of purpose. There are various ways we support our Companions to achieve this goal.

What social activities have you been involved in recently?

  • Going to the cinema?
  • Going out for a meal?
  • Going away for a weekend with family and friends?
  • Going on a day trip to a local town or tourist attraction?

If you think about these activities and how they impact upon you, they serve to improve your emotional wellbeing, allow you to let off steam from a stressful week in work and spend time with people you care about.

We believe our Companions should have the same opportunities and be able to socialise together on a regular basis away from the Community Home.

If you agree, then please donate to our Leisure Fund to allow Companions to socialise together and improve their confidence and emotional wellbeing. 

Here are some examples of what your donation could enable...

It costs £55 for 5 Companions to go to the cinema

It costs £176 for all the Companions living in the Community to go for a meal

A donation of £60 could pay for the Community vans fuel, enabling Companions to go on a weekend camping trip